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Touch for Health provides the fundamentals for Applied Kinesiology. Over the course of four levels students learn how to use muscle testing to assess energy flow in the 14 meridians. This can improve posture, reduce pain and stress and allow people to function their best!


Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2019 in Liverpool

An exciting hands on workshop that shows you how to access the body's innate wisdom through muscle testing. Learn how to balance energy, test for foods, reduce pain, increase energy and achieve your goals with this easy to learn technique.

Touch for Health is a means of bringing the body into balance by using the meridian system it is a truly holistic therapy; a synthesis of Eastern and Western approaches for restoring health, relieving pain and addressing emotional issues.

This is part one of a four part practitioner course certificated by the International Kinesiology College. However, it is also a stand alone course, open to all. Anyone can come and have some fun taking part in this interactive course, learning by doing and receiving, meeting new friends and finding out about yourself.

Level 1 introduces you to the basics of Touch for Health. A course suitable for anyone interested in health and healing or for therapists who may wish to add to their tool box.

You will learn:
• Muscle testing as a tool for identifying stressors to the body and mind
• How to accurately check and balance the energy in the meridian system
How to determine which foods and supplements best support or hinder you
• How to improve energy flow within the body
• Tools for performance enhancement, easier learning, better vision
• Help improve body awareness, co-ordination, muscle function and posture.
• And much more!

The material is taught in 4 levels, after which if you want to gain insurance and practice professionally there are case studies, a revision course level 5, followed by an assessment. On successful completion of this you can then apply for insurance and are qualified to practice.

Cost: £250 

Further levels will be between 4 and 8 weeks apart on dates to suit the group. 

Contact Louise Cooke KFRP Accredited Touch for Health Instructor on  07950 919 863 or email for more information.

Touch for Health was developed by Dr John Thie. His aim was to provide people with simple but effective techniques to help themselves, friends and family. However many health professionals from all backgrounds were attending his workshop and Touch for Health is now also seen as a foundation for professional training or as an adjunct to current practices.

Each of the four levels of Touch for Health is taught by Louise in a two day workshop in Liverpool. It is a fun, inspiring course open to anyone, whatever their background. You can chose to attend just the first level or go on to complete all levels and consider Practitioner training.

Touch for Health Level I    

Main Learning Concept: The 14 muscle Balance. Muscle testing

    Neuro-lymphatic Points
    Neuro-vascular holding points
    Introduction to meridians
    Origin and insertion technique
    Spinal reflexes
    Emotional stress release
    Foods to strengthen
    Cross crawl
    Auricular energy
    Visual inhibition
    Surrogate testing
    Simple pain techniques
    Posture awareness
    Goal balancing

Touch for Health Level II   

Main Learning Concept: The Law of Five Elements Including:

    Manual Muscle Techniques
    Acupressure Holding Points
    Cerebral Spinal Fluid
    Yin/Yang Concept
    Meridian Wheel balancing
    Five elements
    28 muscles

Touch for Health Level III

Main Learning Concept: Reactive Muscle Theory Including:

    Balancing with colour, goals, foods and emotions
    Reactive muscle theory
    Sedation techniques
    Gait testing
    Past stress and trauma
    Pain tapping for chronic pain
    42 muscles

Touch for Health IV 

Main Learning Concept: Touch for Health in Depth

    Five Element emotions and sound
    Luo Points
    Time of day balance
    Figure eight energy
    Postural stress release
    Postural analysis
    42 muscles