Louise Cooke Kinesiologist

I recommend anyone to ring me for an informal chat so that I can understand your situation and how we might work to find a resolution for your needs.

Kinesiology is a amazing therapy as it can assess the body for nutritional/ chemical, structural and emotional disturbances.  This is what I like about Kinesiology it is tangible, my clients can see and feel through muscle testing  what emotion, or food  is deleterious to the body and also what is helpful and strengthening to the body systems. Using Kinesiology we can also work with structural issues like muscle pain and use different muscle tests to test isolated muscles and strengthen them.

Muscle testing

I believe that by working on a subtle energetic level, the benefits are not only to the body but to all levels of your being. This is why these treatments can be so effective and assist in such a wide range of symptoms. 

I have clinics in Ballantrae Road, Liverpool L18 6JQ, 

In the Prestwich Holistic Centre 2b Mather Avenue, Prestwich M25 0LA 

Please don't hesitate. Call or text me today on 07950 919  863 or email

I offer home visits in the Liverpool and Salford areas which are around 20 minutes travelling time from my bases: £65.00 

I will consider further distances especially on home visit days, please contact me for further information.