Louise Cooke Holistic Therapist

Whether it’s stress, health or emotional issues, let me help you to regain your health and vitality

I am passionate about helping my clients to move through struggles and enjoy contented, successful and happy lives by removing emotional baggage, the energies of trauma and by boosting your natural immunity.

I am a highly experienced Holistic Therapist, Emotion and Body Code Practitioner, as well as Touch For Health Kinesiology tutor with clinics in Liverpool and Manchester

Clients come to me with many different health problems like anxiety, IBS, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, insomnia, back pain, food allergies, hayfever and skin conditions as well as emotional and stress related problems.

I became a Kinesiologist after an illness - I had been battling with for 12 years- was dramatically improved after just a few sessions with a Kinesiologist.

I now use my 25 years of skills and experience as a therapist  and Kinesiologist to provide bespoke treatments that meet your needs.